miércoles, septiembre 21, 2011

Mis mejores fotos de Estocolmo

Por la luz, por los colores, por la localización o porque salen felices los de casa... Estas son mis mejores fotos de Estocolmo.

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  1. ayyyyyyyyyy que recuerdos!!!! y que fotos más bonitas haces señorita!!!! ya te está entrando la morriña sueca?????? tu no te preocupes que si te da muy fuerte nos vamos un finde cuando quieras!!!!! q tengo que comprar cuadernos!!!! =) besines

  2. Nada de morriña, sólo el merecido homenaje.

    Qué cuadernos necesitas, que te los compro!

  3. Just want to say I loved you blog! I especially love the stories of all the people you meet from around the world. We all find friends and love everywhere. Living in the Washington DC, I meet many from around the world here for study. After falling in love with men from Italy to Russia to Iran, I ask you (since you are a career minded girl like myself), if you found true love with someone from another nation, would you ever move to be with them?
    P.S. Scandinavian men are beautiful (I dated a Dane once ;)

  4. Dear Anonymous:

    I dated a dane, too. I would move wherever he was (I almost did, once) but if the timing was right.

    After meeting men from US, Russia, Sweden (beautiful, maybe more than any other nationality)... I'm heading back to Barcelona with a guy from there in mind.

    So glad you like the blog. How do you read it? Do you speak Spanish?

    Thanks for you sweet words!

  5. As an American, I ought to I know Spanish, but not enough to read this blog. Language is my weakness. But thanks to Google translate anything is possible. My on/off boyfriend of years is making me learn Russian.

    Do you mind telling, what country would you consider moving to? For me, the English speaking nations (hehe), Italy, Greece, Brazil maybe. Moscow would be an amazing adventure but I fear freezing and the long amounts of darkness. I'm not ready to settle down yet, but when I am serious I believe he will be an American(live in US, need not be born in US).

    Good luck with your career in Spain and that special cutie back home. And serious luck to helping the Spanish economy, we are all in this global recession together.

    Хорошо удача с любовью и карьера. пока пока


  6. Julie,

    You'll learn if you need it, both Spanish and Russian, a language I really like, btw.

    I want to move back to Barcelona, but I would love to live in NY or Hong Kong.

    Actually Moscow is a very tough city, St. Piter sounds like a better election for living.

    About the one: you never know. But after running around, home sweet home sweet seems the answer.

    Un abrazo bien fuerte!